We are preparing for our 2017 Autumn Pilgrimage and House Tours scheduled for September 30th from 9am to 5pm.  We don’t want you to miss this great event so be sure to PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR! Please see below the houses planned for this year’s tour. Go to “Tickets” on the home page for ordering tickets and pre-orderd box lunches. An interpretive map is available for downloading on the home page under “Tour Map”

Berkeley Plantation


12602 Harrison Landing Road, Charles City, VA 23030

One of the first great estates in America, Berkeley comprises about 1000 acres on the north banks of the James River. Benjamin Harrison IV built the elegant Georgian structure in 1726. It is believed to be the oldest three story brick mansion in Virginia. Berkeley is the birthplace of Benjamin Harrison V, signer on the Declaration of Independence, and the birthplace of William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States. It is the ancestral home of his grandson, Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third President of the United States.



3400 Eastbury Lane, Charles City, VA 23030

Built in 1929 as a summer home, Pinecrest transitions the old and the new. It is a year-round home and sits on 13 acres of land with 1,500 feet of river frontage. The extensive waterfront, ancient trees, rolling lawns, pool, large party gazebo, barnyard and guest house all add to the magnetic charm of this rambling five bedroom house. The owners, Chuck and Dorene Billingsley have renovated and added a spacious living room with majestic views of the James River.

River Ridge


River Ridge was built in 1990 by Terry Cox, an architect from Richmond, VA. The foundation, chimney and fireplace are constructed of handmade bricks from a dismantled railroad in Norfolk, VA. The half mile driveway takes you through orchards along The James River. The owners, Doug and Debbie  Hackman, commissioned Vance Bridges to paint portraits of Pocahontas and Thomas West to hang in the entry foyer along with John Smith’s map of the area. The library contains books written in the 1800’s to early 1900’s.


Sherwood Forest Plantation


National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
Virginia Historic Landmark

14501 John Tyler Memorial Highway, Charles City, VA 23030

Sherwood Forest Plantation was home of John Tyler, the 10th President of the United States from 1841-1845. The house is America’s longest frame house, one foot longer than a football field (301ft.).  It is the only 19th century house that is privately owned and maintained by the descendants of a past United States President.  The house is furnished with family heirlooms, silver, porcelain, paintings and antique furniture.  Sherwood Forest is only one room deep throughout its length and contains 28 rooms and seven sets of stairs.  The 68 ft. ballroom was designed to accommodate the popular dance the “Virginia Reel”.  The house sits on 25 acres of manicured grounds including centuries old trees, terraced gardens and lawns.


Shirley Plantation


National Register of Historic Places
Virginia Historic Landmark

501 Shirley Plantation Road, Charles City, VA 23030

Shirley Plantation, Virginia’s oldest plantation was settled in 1613. Three and a half centuries of the Hill Carter family have lived in this lovely home. The plantation is the oldest family-owned business originating in North America. The main house is  renowned as an architectural treasure. The famous square rigged flying staircase remains the most outstanding architectural feature of the house rising three stories with no visible means of support. The home contains many fine antiques, family portraits, crested silver and beautiful furniture.


Westover  Episcopal Church


6401 John Tyler Memorial Highway, Charles City, VA 23030

Westover Parish was established in close proximity to the original settlement at Jamestown in 1613. Following the merging into it of all or part of the ancient parishes of Weyanoke, Wallingford and Wilmington in 1724, Westover Parish became and remains coterminous with Charles City County. The predecessor of the existing Westover Church was constructed between 1630 and 1637 on Westover Plantation. About 1730, the construction of the present Westover church was completed at its present site on Herring Creek about 1½ miles north of Westover Plantation.


Westover  Plantation


National Register of Historic Places
Virginia Historic Landmark

7000 Westover Road, Charles City, VA  23030

Westover Plantation is considered one of the most perfect examples of Georgian architecture in America.  Its elegant yet simple form and proportions, combined with a commanding setting overlooking the James River, convey the essence of 18th century artistic ideals adapted to a wealthy planter’s style of living in Colonial Virginia. The house is furnished in 16th, 17th,  and 18th century antiques, mostly from continental Europe. The lawns on both sides of the house are remarkable for their centuries-old tulip poplars, ancient beeches, and numerous trees planted by historic visitors.