Christian Education

Sunday School for young people. Sunny Nursery for tots.

During the school year youth will begin in church with their family.  After the opening prayer, the crucifer will lead the young people to the Parish Hall where they will gather together for fun biblical lessons.  During Holy Communion they will come back to the sanctuary to join their family.

We give special attention to our children and cherish their presence.

Adult Education – Lenten Series 2018 refer to Calendar Link

Sunday mornings Bible study after Services in the Library will resume after Lenten Series

We are engaged in the practice of Lectio Divina which means “divine word.”  We study the lessons to be read in church using this ancient method of reading the Bible with the intent of hearing God speaking to each of us personally.  This provides for lively and thought provoking discussions.  PLEASE join us in the library and bring your favorite translation of the Bible.